Testimonial from students :


Koh Jiayun

A level Biology Grade : A

NJC 2007-2008

Currently studying Life Sciences in NUS

Ms Betty Tiew customises her teaching to fit the needs of her students.  For weak students, she coaches them on the fundamentals of the syllabus repeatedly, providing the support as a friend and the pressure of a elder, so there is no reason not to score well under her tutelage if you put in the effort too. For academically strong students,  she challenges them with concepts beyond but related to the syllabus so you can always be learning something new from her.

She is a very approachable and patient tutor, putting students at ease so they can be motivated to learn. She has experience from teaching for many years and knows the common mistakes that students make-she highlights them to you so you can avoid making them too.

Another distinguishing factor that makes Ms Tiew a great tutor is her compendium of past year papers and practice papers going back to as early as 2004. Repeated assessment helps to drill the knowledge into your head and she also helps to mark your papers and exercises, highlighting to you the improvements that can be made. I would say that she really can help anyone improve their grades 🙂

Kwan Yiu Hin

A level Biology Grade : A

RI 2008-2009

Currently studying Medicine at Monash University

“Ms Betty’s lessons have been transformational for me. I did not have a strong foundation in biology, but under her tutelage, I improved tremendously and achieved an A in my A level biology. I especially remember her concise notes that helped with my exam revision, and also her large amounts of practice questions which ultimately made me very proficient in attempting the exams.”



Tanya Utomo

A level Biology Grade : A

ACJC 2009- 2010

Currently studying Business studies at SMU.

Ms Betty Tiew was not only my tuition teacher in biology, but more than that, she was a friend and a mentor. Biology was the one and only subject that I dreaded attending. No matter what I did in that class, my attempts always resulted in failure. Ms Betty Tiew gave me a better understanding of Biology.  As a result of her effort and encouragment,  my grade jumped from an “F” to an “A”.



VJC 2008-2009

A level Biology Grade : A

Currently studying Medicine at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Singapore.

I was fortunate to have been an A-Level Biology student of Ms. Tiew’s in 2009.

She was a passionate and caring teacher who exemplified both professionalism and dedication for her work. The training and practice she provided me were very comprehensive and well-structured to tackle the A-Levels. I improved significantly after her tutelage and scored an A for Biology at the A-Levels.

Gideon Tan

A level Biology Grade : A

RI 2008- 2009

Currently studying Medicine at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Singapore.

Ms Tiew is a very dedicated and effective teacher. Less than 3 months of tuition under her, my biology grades at school tests improved significantly from consistently low B’s to very sure A’s. I feel the best part about Ms Tiew’s tuition is that she was genuinely concerned about how I coped with biology, painstakingly helping me strengthen areas I was weaker in until I had a strong holding on every subject and question-type.

Deborah Chua

A level Biology Grade : A

RJC 2009-2010

Currently studying Medicine, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland ’11- ’16

I begin lessons with Miss Tiew around December in 2009 and my biology grade improved from an E to a B in less than 3 months. Though it was very intensive, Miss Tiew had a plan written out well before each exam and was very thorough in explaining content. She was honest in her feedback, realistic in her expectations and supportive throughout. Her lessons were closely tailored to the curriculum in school and often I find myself ahead of content in school, and well prepared with the wide range of questions she exposed me to.

Beyond a tutor, miss tiew was a friend and a mentor. Someone you can approach for coffee and for advice. Getting miss tiew to be my tutor was probably one of the best choices I’ve had in JC.

Rachel Ling

JJC 2010-2011

A level Biology Grade : A

Currently studying Life science at NUS

Ms Betty Tiew is one of the best tutors that I have had. She made H2 biology simple and easy to handle for me. Her explanations are clear and concise; and her notes and worksheets captured the essence of the topics and were easy to understand. My biology grades improved tremendously under her guidance and tutorship. I attribute my eventual A-level H2 Biology A grade to Betty’s patience, dedication and clear explanations. Thank you very much Betty!

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